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Business Impact

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Business Impact

The Business Impact of Scenting

PremiumScenting does not only create a more pleasant and memorable experience for your customers, it delivers tangible business benefits.

Multi-sensory marketing enhances the customer experience and drives brand loyalty.

  • It increases brand impact
  • It enhances mood by creating a pleasant atmosphere
  • Service is rated more favourably in scented environments

Latest research based findings provide new insight on consumer responses to smell, and highlight the business impact of experiential marketing and scenting. 

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“Research demonstrates that if you trigger a response from two of your customer's senses, brand impact increases by 30%. If three senses are triggered, it increases by 70%”

Avery Gilbert, Sensory Psychologist at Monell University

Scenting positively impacts on many key drivers of revenue.

  • It increases dwell time and intention to purchase
  • Perceived value of goods is enhanced
  • It generates incremental revenue and boosts spend per customer

“Customers will stay in scented environments for up to 40% longer”

Business Voice

“A study run by a retail brand showed that adding scents to their stores increased intent to purchase by 80%”

Nike Study

Our uniquely scented environments help reinforce brand values, enhance customer experiences and strengthen brand loyalty.

“Ambient scents increase positive product evaluations by 25%”

Scent Marketing Institute

“Customers provide a better assessment of service quality in scented environments.”

Chebat & Michan

PremiumScenting enables you to interact with customers in a whole new way.

“Of all the senses, scent is the best sensory cue for pleasant memories”

Brand Sense, Lindstrom