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Deliver a memorable guest experience

In an ultra-competitive marketplace, delivering consistently high standards and creating a point of differentiation is key.

Ensuring your hotel stands out from the crowd, and demonstrating your commitment to your guests, are key to positive customer ratings and your repeat business.

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"Of all of the senses, scent is the best sensory cue for pleasant memories"

Brand Sense, Lindstrom

The Hotel BLOOM! is a fresh, modern and very artistic hotel in the beautiful city of Brussels. At the Hotel BLOOM!, guests will expeerience inspiration.

The client wanted to reinforce the Hotel BLOOM! brand expereince, which guests would remember and want to repeat, which would lead to further bookings and referrals. It has also led to increased satisfaction ratings on Trip Advisor and other online portals.

"A guest from BLOOM! will always remember it's unique scent and this is thanks to PremiumScenting."

Margot Muys, Brand Manager, Hotel BLOOM!