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Differentiate your venue in an increasingly competitive hospitality industry

Over half of  surveyed patrons said they love their favourite venue due to its ambience – placing multi-sensory cues such as design, fragrance, lighting and music above good service from friendly staff.

Although the effects occur unconsciously, most people are acutely aware of smell and express preferences for environments that are pleasantly scented. Moreover, our recent study found that 91% of respondents said they would be affected by a pleasant smell in a venue.

The Business Impact of Scenting

Initial Premium Scenting’s latest research has provided new insight on consumer responses to smell, and highlight the business impact of experiential marketing and scenting. In a Pubs & Clubs environment, scenting has been shown to:

Increase Footfall

74% of consumers have been drawn into a premise because of an inviting smell. Food retailers already do this well; we all know the mouth-watering liquorice scent Darrel Lea used to entice buyers. Now, hospitality venues are using the same tactic.

Increase Dwell Time

How long a customer stays in a venue is directly related to the money they spend, which is why increasing dwell time is so important. While common tactics include free drinks, snacks, and entertainment, the power of scent has been proven to increase dwell time.

Increase Repeat Visits

Initial Premium Scenting’s study found that 91% of respondents said they would be affected by a pleasant smell in a venue, with 48% stating that it would make them likely to return. In a competitive marketplace, a VIP experience is key!

Scent Pioneers

Kelly’s Motor Club Hotel

“We have installed Initial's Premium Scenting in our gaming area and believe it has been a contributing factor to our increased turnover. The distinct scent contributes to the nice, relaxing feel to the area and we have seen that our patrons are staying longer. It has given our recently-renovated room an added polish and the feedback from our staff has been very positive as well.”

Paul Stocks
Kelly’s Motor Club Hotel

Gallagher Hotels

“Premium Scenting gives our visitors a consistent experience across all of our venues. It is refreshing in our bar areas and has a calming effect in our gaming rooms. We believe it is an important part of providing the experience of ‘comfort’ that we want for all our visitors.”

Angela Gallagher
Gallagher Hotels Management